Ralph Clarke's Portrait

My Vision for Adelaide

I want future generations to look back at this time as a rich period of far-sighted, creative and imaginative achievement, a period in which the Adelaide City Council took Light’s vision further into the future than he could possibly have imagined.

My vision is for Adelaide to be a vibrant city, open to all. As Area Councillor I’ll work collaboratively with my fellow Councillors and the whole community to ensure that Adelaide:

  • is a city that values creativity, energy, intelligence and lifestyle – where people want to come to live, work and visit;
  • is a city that welcomes business and nurtures its residents;
  • provides housing for people at all income levels;
  • prides itself on good built design and materials, including those buildings in the public realm;
  • respects and enhances our heritage buildings;
  • preserves and enhances our parklands for future generations – and says “no” to commercial development on the parklands;
  • is a leader in sustainable development, especially in the critical areas of transport, energy and water.

Responsible growth means more opportunities for everyone

If Adelaide is to be the city we aspire to, we must increase our residential population. To achieve this growth responsibly, Council must take the lead in the provision of affordable housing. We can create strategic land-banks and then facilitate the building of affordable housing in partnership with the State and Federal Governments and the private sector.

Adelaide is SA’s gateway, focal point and the key economic driver for the State so we must ensure that this affordable housing is of a high quality. We must avoid the sort of housing that’s destined to be the slums of the future as we’ve seen in so many places both here in Australia and overseas.

If we are to grow Adelaide into a city where more people want to live, work and visit, we have to build on our advantages- and our housing and our built infrastructure has to be first class. We must be an exemplar in design, materials and environmental sustainability.

A Liveable City

Adelaide has a reputation for its “humanity” – for being an eminently liveable city. This is a reputation we must maintain and grow and we can do this in many ways, particularly by rejuvenating our squares and parklands to cater for our increased residential population. These open spaces will be our new residents’ front and back yards.

A smarter city

We must become “a smarter city” – and we can do this by developing and utilising our IT industries and building on our education bases such as TAFE and the universities, thereby creating the conditions for a vibrant, creative and multicultural city.

Let’s just get it done!

  • Let’s just get on with the Victoria Square redevelopment!
  • Let’s get the Rundle Mall and the West End Precinct rejuvenated!
  • Let’s put some intelligent, caring assistance in place for overseas students – to position Adelaide as the destination of choice for overseas parents!
  • Let’s provide some intelligent, compassionate assistance to Adelaide’s homeless including Aboriginal homeless!
  • Let’s get more public art in place!
  • Let’s develop and implement a strategic and integrated heritage signage and interpretation program!
  • Let’s call a summit of property owners, tenants, leasing agents and the State Govt to talk about property improvements, tenancy mix and “life above the verandahs!”
  • Let’s reduce the bureaucratic burden of red tape to small business

The experience to get it done…

People who know me think I’m pretty straight-forward, decisive, unafraid and compassionate. I have a genuine and achievable vision for the City of Adelaide – and I have the experience and the determination to “get it done”.


“Ralph is a warm, big-hearted bloke who really cares for people. He’s smart, he knows the city inside out and he gets things done.”

Kris Hanna
Former Independent MP for Mitchell
SA Parliament

“There is one thing you can say about Ralph Clarke. He’s fair dinkum. On City of Adelaide policy matters Ralph Clarke will be forthright, courageous and fair. What more could you ask for?”

Rod Sawford
Former Federal Member for Port Adelaide (1988 – 2007)

“For professionals who conduct our businesses and pay rates in Adelaide, the election of our City Council is a matter of importance. I have known Ralph since 1976 and worked with him professionally for many of those years as well as being a friend. I believe that he has the necessary experience, skills and capacities from his many years in public life to be an effective City councillor. Ralph is intelligent, fair minded and courageous – just the sort of qualities we need in a councillor, committed to getting things done!”

Paul Heywood Smith Q.C.
Anthony Mason Chambers
201 Victoria Square

The Councillor’s Role

All Councillors have a number of roles and responsibilities. They are set out fully in the City of Adelaide Act, 1998. A summary of them are as follows:

  • To be a member of the governing body of Council;
  • Participate in the deliberations and activities of Council;
  • Provide community leadership and guidance and to formulate the City’s strategic plans and policies;
  • Keeping the Council’s resource allocation, expenditure and corporate strategies, and the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery, under review.
  • To represent the interests of residents and ratepayers and to facilitate communication between the community and the Council.

Very importantly, as a Capital City the objects of the Act require all Councillors to, “recognise, promote and enhance the special social, commercial, cultural and civic role that the City of Adelaide plays as the capital city and heart of SA”. Unlike other local government bodies, ACC Councillors are also required to represent “… the interests of South Australians not enfranchised to vote in elections for the Corporation.

Voting Information

Who Can Vote?

“An elector is 18 years of age or older at the close of voting (12th November 2010); and

  • Enrolled on the House of Assembly Roll; or
  • Has lodged a Resident Application form with the Adelaide City Council; or
  • An owner of rateable property within the City of Adelaide; or
  • An occupier of rateable, non residential property; or
  • A nominee of a body corporate; or
  • A nominee of a group ( a group comprises joint owners of any rateable property or joint occupiers of non- residential rateable property).
  • No individual can vote in more than one of the above capacities