Monthly Archives: October 2010

Senator Nick Xenophon endorses Ralph Clarke

I attach a copy of the letter written and authorised by Senator Nick Xenophon endorsing me as his preferred candidate for Lord Mayor of Adelaide. If you share his sentiments feel free to pass it on. Senator Nick Xenophon endorses Ralph Clarke

Call for debate by Lord Mayoral candidates Clarke and Wong

Clarke issues Wong a challenge, “Let’s have a debate, Francis!!” Following a piece in the Sunday Mail which featured Lord Mayoral candidate Francis Wong in a promotional t-shirt surrounded by some ladies who had attended a lunch in support of him, I issued a media release challenging Mr Wong to a debate to inject some […]

Clarke v. Wong Lord Mayoral Contest

“Lord Mayoralty should be about substance, not style.” Clarke challenges Wong to debate the substantial issues. Media Release – Clarke v. Wong Lord Mayoral Contest

Wong gone missing in action

I attach this media release in relation to my invitation to Francis Wong (including other Lord Mayoral candidates if he likes) and I to have a public debate on our respective policies and plans as to how to achieve those policies. My letter of invitation was forwarded by email on 19th October 2010 asking for […]