Call for debate by Lord Mayoral candidates Clarke and Wong

Clarke issues Wong a challenge, “Let’s have a debate, Francis!!”

Following a piece in the Sunday Mail which featured Lord Mayoral candidate Francis Wong in a promotional t-shirt surrounded by some ladies who had attended a lunch in support of him, I issued a media release challenging Mr Wong to a debate to inject some substance into the campaign.

It’s generally agreed that Mr Wong and I are the front-runners in this race.
Perhaps not surprisingly, media coverage of the release focused on my comments about his promotional slogan which was drawn from a scene in the Vietnam war movie “Full Metal Jacket”.

What the media overlooked was my invitation to Mr Wong to debate the real issues.

This afternoon I wrote to Mr Wong inviting him to debate our respective policies and ideas for the City of Adelaide for the next 4 years. This would help demonstrate just what is at stake to those people who consider Council elections to be inconsequential.

I have concrete policies, plans and ideas and over the past four or five months I’ve put them on the public record and on my website for all to see.

I offered Mr Wong the opportunity to decide whether to confine the debate to the two of us or to include the other candidates as well. I also invited Mr Wong to choose the venue, the time and the moderator.
Francis and I have been colleagues for a long time but I won’t resile from my view that this campaign should be about ideas, plans and policies, not lunches, t-shirts and butterflies.

I hope Francis takes up the challenge of a debate to inject some substance into this campaign.

Media Release – Ralph Clarke calls for Debate